Personal Injury 

A personal injury claim involves an injured person seeking compensation from the person or entity that caused the injury.  This sometimes involves negotiation with the Defendant's insurance company.  A personal injury claim involves evaluation of the injury and damages suffered as well as the conduct of the Defendant.  Many factors impact the manner in which a personal injury claim proceeds including the severity of the injuries, the degree of fault of the Defendant as well as the availability of insurance coverage or others sources of compensation.

We handle serious injury cases arising from a variety of causes, including:

Motor Vehicle Accidents, such as car collisions, trucking accidents, motorcycle crashes, and pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents. 

Premises Liability Cases, which covers injuries suffered on dangerous premises, such as slip and falls on wet floors in grocery stores or restaurants.  This would cover any physical injury that is sustained because of negligent physical care or reckless disregard shown by property owners of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Criminal Law

We defend Clients at every level and stage in the criminal process.

Our comprehensive criminal defense practice includes defense at all levels (state and federal) and at any stage.  

State: We understand the courtroom and the players and are able to aggressively defend clients accused of crimes.  

Federal Court:  When the opposition is the Federal Government, you need a strong, experienced criminal defense attorney to level the playing field.  There is no federal case too complex for us to handle.   

Family Law

Contested and Uncontested Divorce​​​
Child Custody & Visitation Enforcement
Post-Decree Modifications
Grandparents' Rights

We know how to help our clients because we understand the emotional and financial stakes involved in divorceproperty divisionchild custody and other legal matters.

Divorce is often a defining event in a person's life. While your decision to end your marriage may have been challenging, your choice regarding which attorney you should consult to help you move to the next phase in your life doesn't have to be difficult. We will be here for you, every step of the way. We offer our divorce clients a long history of legal success, both in and out of the courtroom. We serve clients from all walks of life — whether you are nearing retirement and would like to learn more about what to expect in your divorce, you own a business and want to protect your property in high net worth divorce, or you are simply in the initial divorce planning stages. We will help you understand your legal rights and options. Our conversation will be based around those important factors in your divorce, including: Property division, Values of assets, Spousal support/alimony, Child issues (custody, visitation, support, etc.). In addition to discussing the above topics, we will help you understand how social media and electronic evidence can play a role in your divorce case. We strive to help our clients understand how the legal action they take today will affect their future. We want to help you take the most effective legal steps for your life while protecting what matters most to you.